Saturday, March 12, 2005

guess who's back...

I am very very tired, and I didn't plan to write this post. In fact, I was looking through some blogs to pass the time before my eyelids started to close (which is happening now). As I flipped down the menu for blogs, I saw the link to this old place and decided to read through my old entries. This isn't as narcissistic as you'd think, because in many ways, I am hardly the same person I was when I kept this blog in regular order. I have been at uni, and (perhaps unsurprisingly) the temptations of the world have taken me over in one way or another and I have hardly prayed in months. Heck, I even sided with Satan in my last essay on Paradise Lost. What does that tell you??

Anyway, I realised that actually I might well want my faith back again. I'm not entirely sure why, although a series of spooky things happened as I read this blog. I was thinking these quasi-repentent thoughts, and then I looked up to find an old post (man, I still don't listen to my own preaching!) about the importance of giving up the world for God's sake. I then realised that, in true contemplative fashion, I am full of beer and pizza. I then realised that it is Sunday tomorrow, and I could squeeze in a bit of church action.

So, blog readers, if any of you are still there, Please take a moment to pray for my rather odd state of affairs, and I will promise to keep you posted.

*waves hand*
I'm here & checking your blog every so often. Hope all is going well. Did you go to church? and how's English lit?


Pleased to see a kick of life from the old blog. Your fans are still shouting for an encore, and would be very interested in hearing about English literature even if you don't want to write about mysticism.
good to see you are blogging again, i look forward to anymore nuggets of anything you care to throw to the masses.

I have been having thoughts along a similar vein. I think the sun is a kick up the backside, at least where i'm concerned.

As robert said, you pick the subject matter, and undoubtedly we'll enjoy reading it!

Cheerio, hope to see you soon mate!

Good luck!
Believers' wear

About time you kick started this again, do keep us drip fed on some basis cos we appreciate it...

...good luck and prayers in your 'wierd' state. Not so strange in some ways, I'm still in the run where I find prayer a slightly odd thing to be entering into. I find myself singing along with music on a regular basis, not sure how that relates exactly.

will keep you in my prayers
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