Friday, October 01, 2004


Well, my room is in a mess, my family are hugging me especially hard and downstairs the cat is having the time of her life climbing over boxes and bags. All this can only mean one thing: I'm off to uni. Having spent a year travelling, I feel incredibly over-packed, but then this time it won't be on my back!

This also means that the blog won't be updated for a while; I imagine the general craziness of the first few weeks will overtake me for while. Anyway, thank you for your comments and readership, and I'll 'see' you all soon!

For anyone interested, I'll be doing English Literature at Jesus College in Cambridge.

not that youre gonna read this for a while, but good luck!

i'll be on the lookout for an update on uni life!

A little late, but there's no harm in my leaving this for what you come back. I hope things are going well for you in the upper echelons of society otherwise known as Oxbridge. Maybe the spirits of Oscar Wilde and Chaucer be with you in your studies...
Dear Andy,
Good luck at jesus, the college where my own hero (Samuel Taylor Coleridge) was a student - go and find his portrait which hangs somewhere in your college.
Maggi Dawn

Dear Andy,

I'm writing you because I saw on your blog that you have an interest in mysticism. Because of your interest, I believe you will enjoy my historical novel, titled Land Without Evil. Land Without Evil has received rave reviews and details major events in the history of Paraguay. It was also chosen as the top fiction pick for the Paraguayan embassy.

Here are some editorial reviews from where it received a five star rating:

Charles Champlin, critic, and author of Back There Where the Past Was

"A triumphant blending of creative imagination and deep scholarly research, both driven by Pallamary's philosophical idealism, Land Without Evil proves that a suspenseful novel can sizzle with conflict--with no villains on either side, only good souls who differ."

Harold Bloomfield, author of Hypericum and Depression

"Land Without Evil is a great read for anyone looking for insight and inspiration on their own spiritual journey..."

David Brin, author of The Postman

"Pallamary plunges into the heart with a moving tale about people caught between worlds--the past, the future, and the possible..."

Victor Villasenor, author of Rain of Gold

"Read, trust, expand, and know that once we, too, were all there...EMPOWERED!"

Book Description
A timeless message to our universal soul, Land Without Evil is the story of the Guarani people of South America and their quest to maintain their culture during the European onslaught of the 1700s. Shamanism, historical conflict, coming of age, and a touching love story drive this impeccably researched novel.

"Bravo...More!" Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451

Recommended by: The San Diego Union Tribune

“Elements of Castaneda, Mathiesson, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez jostle each other, yet … Pallamary weaves an original web.”

Please check it out on Amazon at: /product/0912880090/qid=1065043913/sr=1- 1/ref=sr_1_1/102-6735010-1677722?s=books &v=glance&n=283155

And at Reading Group Choices:

http://www.readinggroupc nd%20Without%20Evil.htm


Matthew J. Pallamary

author of Land Without Evil

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