Monday, August 02, 2004

pushing up the diaries

What a waste of time, eh? Sitting down daily to write a page about what you had for breakfast, how late the bus was and why you thought that you are getting closer to the work colleague you have a crush on. What is with that? I mean, think about all the orang-utans and cockatoos that you are evicting from their rainforest homes as you mercilessly trail off your life story on what was once their living room.

Of course, this whole blog thing changes all that. I mean - it is like a diary, but it isn't like a diary. First of all, your ecological conscience won't be riled, because now all your trivial and unimportant musings are stored in the computerised ether we call the internet. Secondly, it isn't private. Well, at least it isn't supposed to be. People read other people's blogs. How wierd is that? Fine, if you know them; but suppose they are some unknown stranger from the other side of the world (as I may well be in relation to you, the reader right now) - why do you want to read their thoughts? Well, there lies another attraction of the ethereal world of the web. You can engage with strangers and wierdos and may be even those orang-utans (who have probably moved to the city by now).

Let me just say, that I abhor diaries, and have never been able to keep one, no matter how hard I tried. The closest I got was a "travel journal", but even that bit the dust half-way through. This means that the odds of me actually continuing this ridiculous thing called a blog are quite low, but I will promise to make a good effort.

Welcome to the blue chicken.

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